Ryder Rental – Wheeling Your Business on the Ryder Fleet

Sometimes, a short-term truck rental is just what you need to keep the wheels of business turning. That’s when Ryder can help you drive what matters, whether you are looking for a light-duty truck for local deliveries or a medium duty straight truck or even a tractor-trailer for the long haul. Ryder rental is perfect for all businesses that are always on the move.

Advantages of Ryder Vehicles

The Ryder Rental service has an experience of over eighty years, it has got a fleet of more than thirty thousand trucks and about five-hundred service centers across the United States and Canada. So, whatever be your requirement, you can ensure that you get the right truck that best suits your purpose.

According to company sources, each and every Ryder vehicle is ensured to be perfectly clean at the time of delivery and the Commercial Rental Guarantee ensures that one can get in and out of the facility with the selected truck or set a whole fleet of trucks into motion within twenty minutes flat.

Businesses often require long travels, this can take days of driving and involve taking multiple routes. Such journeys require rigorous service facilities that are evenly spread out throughout the whole map. Here, the Ryder Rental comes as the best option because of its reach and quite enviable support system.

Ryder also provides drivers so that business owners don’t have to worry about hiring them to get the goods moved. Ryder drivers are trained professionals which ensures that your valuable goods are in the safest hands possible. Ryder has service associations with other dedicated Truck Rental services as well, and this makes communication throughout North America a lot more reliable.

Additional features of the Ryder Rental services are an onboard GPS monitoring system and sophisticated logistic support software which ensures that your business is well maintained and all these comes together with a specialized freight handling.

How Does Ryder Transport Save you a Lot of Money?

The Ryder work model will be easily understood if we work on a simple calculation. Suppose you have a common carrier network with no fixed cost and USD 1000 as transactional rate, and a private carrier fleet with USD 500 as a fixed cost and USD 700 as a variable cost. Now let’s say that on a given day you require three trucks to move your goods. So, you take two trucks from the common carrier fleet and one truck from your private Ryder fleet of three trucks.

On calculation, you will figure out that the total cost of two common carrier fleet together with your private fleet amounts to USD 4200. Now, if we change the calculation by a little bit and suppose that you use one common carrier truck and two Ryder Trucks from your private fleet, the total expense would be USD 3900, which includes the fixed charge of your unused Ryder Rental truck. So, the calculation proves how a change in the equation can lead to a profit of USD 300.

Finding the right balance of common carriers and private fleets can save businesses a lot of money. This is especially significant since every day millions of dollars are wasted on poor transportation plans.  The whole industry of dedicated transport services is about making better transportation decisions which in turn increases profits for the businesses.

Ryder’s all-new Chanje Avatar

According to reports, Ryder is in the process of manufacturing new vehicles for lease or rent in three major cities of the U.S. According to company sources, they will open up their new fleet of trucks in the markets of New York, California, and Illinois by the end of the year. This has upped the ante for Ryder Rental as the new vehicles are expected to give more variety to the existing fleet.

Ryder has ordered a fleet of one-twenty-five all-electric vans from a Californian startup known as Chanje, (pronounced change).  Interestingly, Chanje was started by industry talents from the likes of Volkswagen and Faraday Future.

This will come in as a deviation from the heavy-duty trucks that comprise the Ryder fleet.  Chanje’s Vans are about 26.5 feet long with the capacity to carry around 6000 pounds or 580 cubic feet of cargo. The total carb weight of the vehicle is about 10,000 pounds.

While all these specifications will interest only automobile enthusiasts, the reason why it comes as a boon for Ryder Rental is its all-new electric engine. The real trick is the 70kWh battery ( which is just a tick under the smallest battery used on a Tesla Model  S). This puts the Chanje Vans at an estimated range of around 100 miles per charge.

Ryder is currently undergoing talks with Chanje and its energy storage partner E-Motorworks to install Level 2 charging units near Ryder facilities. This will answer the energy needs of the all-new Ryder Chanje Vans and will provide the customers with an efficient and fairly less expensive option.

The company is yet to announce the rental rates, but we can get a hint from the present Combustion Engine Splinter Van, with about half the load capacity of the Chanje Vans, which the company rents at the rate of USD 35 per day. An environmentalist would be particularly happy with the new Ryder Fleet since it guarantees zero emission owing to its 100% electric engine.

Ryder claims that it is the only transport service which provides integrated end to end carriage along with an effective and sophisticated logistic support system. From starting as a simple rental company to becoming one of the Fortune 500 companies, spread across North America, Asia, and the United Kingdom. So, as you open up your fridge, or start typing on your PC, just take a little time to ponder how all that stuff ever reached your doorstep. Maybe, that equipment and all the food items that complete your household came to you driven around all the way right from the factory outlet on a Ryder vehicle.