Penske truck rental rates – Know it all!

A rental truck from Penske is a huge truck meant to do heavy duty.  Not known for a comfortable ride, a Penske vehicle is normally used to carry goods over long distances and across tough terrains. Making cross-country travels might seem to be a big deal for many of us, but for a Penske truck, it’s just another day at work.   The Penske truck rental rates are almost otherworldly when compared to other truck rental companies. Let’s have a look at the interesting range of discounts, rewards, and facilities that the Penske truck provides its customers.

Penske Truck Rental Rates and Benefits

  1. The Unique One-Way Unlimited Mileage – This is a noble initiative of the Penske rental service. According to this offer, Penske provides unlimited mileage on one-way truck rentals across the whole United States. Furthermore, this includes a discount of an additional 10% on online booking.This would be an especially fruitful reward if you happen to drive the truck by yourself. While traveling across the states, you can always opt for the more scenic route and enjoy everything that nature has to bestow, without having to worry about the fuel.
  2. Penske is the official truck rental partner of the American Automobile Association, so if you happen to be one of its members then there are special discounts for you. This includes special discounts on moving supplies and packaging, up to 20% discount on a one-way reservation through online registration, and an additional 12% off the daily rate for local truck rentals and Penske one-way services.
  3. Penske provides you with the option of buying one of its moving boxes which comes in all sizes, be it small, medium, large or as big as the size of your Penske provides free shipping on all online orders exceeding USD 25.
  4. The SpareFoot-powered-system is Penske’s inventory of storage units which happens to be the biggest on the web. This enables you to reserve a self-storage rental unit in minutes through an online reservation. There are over 10,000 facilities to choose from, you can avail provisions like climate controlled storage units, 24-hour access, RV/packaging and a lot more. You can make your decision easier by comparing Penske truck rental rate along with the associated services with other service providers.
  5. While many Truck rental companies provide drivers to add professionalism to their service, Penske actually makes life a lot easier by providing ‘Moving Labour’ service throughout the whole Unites States.So if you are planning to move to your new residence, with Penske rental service you don’t need to sweat out even by a bit. The moving labor service is composed of total professionals and they will ensure that you get all the help while packing, loading, moving your vehicle and unloading.
  6. Penske has a partnership with the Home Depot, and along with mutual benefits, this partnership benefits the customers too. Whatever you buy from the Home Depot, Penske ensures that it reaches your doorstep with the greatest of convenience and savings. Moreover, Penske rental trucks are available to be both picked-up and dropped at the Home Depot locations.
  7. Penske provides special discounts to veterans and military personnel, it includes an automatic 10% off on online booking for a one-way trip and if you happen to show your military or veteran card while picking up a truck, Penske will ensure that you get an additional discount of 10%.In order to provide special assistance to Active and Veteran members of the United States Armed Forces, Penske has introduced a specialized call center aimed at helping them with do-it-yourself moves.
  8. Other facilities offered by Penske rentals are mortgage service, free change of address, the Penske pizza deal which offers 25% off at Papa John’s, and up to 50% off on the car, motorcycle or boat transport. Along with all these, there is a host of other offers owing to Penske’s collaborations and partnerships with a huge number of business houses.

Penske’s all-new electronic log for rental vehicles to come at zero cost along with its new app

You are a businessman and you are good at what you do, people don’t even realize how good you are until there is a problem, because you are the one who keeps business moving. When things stop moving, your business suffers, and to avoid it you need the right tools to get your operation up and running again. This is where the Penske Fleet mobile app comes in.  The all-new Penske Fleet mobile app is designed to put critical logistic decisions right at your fingertips.

So, no matter where you are, you can take care of your business. From spotting the location where the last phone occurred to finding Penske service stations for repair or to get a new truck on the road just because you accidentally have a flat tire, all these are possible with the Penske Fleet mobile app.

Features include real-time notifications of any breakdowns and when your vehicles are back on the road, and that’s a full 24/7 integration. You can even find real-time fuel prices on Penske locations. The Penske Fleet also provides with a 90-day maintenance, 24/7 event history, incident details and call logs. This whole set of information is just to ensure that your Penske Truck is at its operational best.

Making a Penske reservation and cancellation

You can easily avail of an online quote if you like to know about the Penske truck rental rate. Ensure that you check the rate just before the booking since rates tend to fluctuate, although the fluctuation should not bother you a great deal under normal circumstances. Cancellation facilities are available and you can cancel a vehicle up to 48 hours prior to the pickup date. This cancellation will not require you to bear any additional charges. However, in the event of cancellation within 48 hours of the pickup date, there may be a cancellation charge of USD 100.