One Way Van Rental – How to go about doing that?

Moving to a different country across your state, or from one state to another, has never been easier. There are now official hundreds of one-way van rental companies in United States. You can easily get in touch with them, check their equipment and select your most favorite one-way van, Easy right? No! Choosing a good if not even the best one-way van to rent is not a child’s play. You have to get through a nice series of steps in order to get a rental van which can work according to your needs and desires making up to your satisfaction.

One great advantage of one-way rental vans is that you don’t have to come back to same city to give the van back. Just rent a van, move out of your town and return it to store of the same company in the city where you just moved. It’s easy as 1, 2, 3 only if you’ve selected a good one-way rental van from a trusted company. And believe me, finding one isn’t that easy. But don’t worry we’ve got your back. Here we have provided a list steps you should go through to find a trusted and quality one-way rental van to move your goods out of town.

Beware of scams


Most people in this world are always in pursuit of finding a quick way t earn money even if it’s dirty. They don’t think about the Judgment day when they’ll have to answer for their sins. If you don’t want to indulge in that kind of people and be free from fraud then you must spend a lot of time in finding quality and honest reviews about one-way rental companies. Online reviews from Yelp and Google Reviews will help you get the inner reality of rental company’s care and support from honest reviews. Getting reviews from people who have rented a one-way van in the past is better than wandering company to company looking at their equipment and support.

Keep in mind that many one-way van rental companies don’t have the allowance of one-way rentals. It’s another thing they can scam you with. Call your location or go through its online booking process to make sure that specific location allows one way rentals. Another thing you must check before renting a one-way van from a company is their license

Rental requirements

You all know that a driver needs a driving license in order to privately and hassle-free drive in any country. Same is the case with the rental system. When you rent a one-way van, the company will check your driver’s license. Second thing they check after getting their hands on your license card is it’s validity. Your card must be valid from and till the time when you rent the one-way van. It’s not for your safety. It’s kind of their insurance. Because if anything happens to you, taking for instance, a traffic policeman stops you and checks your license while you are on your way to your destination. The company from whom you rented the one-way van will get in trouble more than you’ll be from that situation.

Another big requirement one-way van rental companies has is minimum-age requirement. It may vary by company so check the information on company’s brochure or call them to verify age requirements and potential surcharges for younger driver.

Save what you can!

Keep this in your mind that renting a one-way van will certainly cost you a good amount of money. The rental companies charge you for common expenses like fuel, van rental period, space in the van. Moreover, they also charge you for the one-way van features which you rent. Features may include air conditioning, Video-TV in the van etc. So you must tell them if you are not going to use a specific feature. Some of the features they charge you for are mentioned below:

Air Conditioning

If you live in a hot city or have summer on your head at the time when you are about to go on the rented van then Air conditioning is something you must take into consideration before renting your one-way van.

Seating Capacity

Seating capacity in one-way vans is usually two to three passengers but it shouldn’t be a issue if you have nobody to take with you on the bumpy ride.

Automatic Transmission

If you are a driver of a vehicle with automatic transmission having your hands and mind set on it, then you should consider renting a one-way van which has automatic transmission as driving a heavy cargo van isn’t easy. So you must have your driving mind relaxed at the time of driving that big monster.

Other Features

like Power brakes, power steering, AM/FM radio should be checked or unchecked according to your needs.

Major price factor

One-way cargo vans can be rented for as long as needed but you will pay a daily rental fee agreed upon when you sign the contract with the company. Make sure the dates of your van’s renting period cause amount of Alexander Hamilton flowing out of your pocket per day of renting the monster will have a huge impact on your mind. Your estimated return date will also be noted in the contract. If a van isn’t returned on that day, company may put a hold on your credit card until the van is returned. So you better keep track of time.

Last moment precautions

When you go through all the above mentioned steps and precautions, you can hire your favorite one-way van. On the driving day, it’s again your duty to make some precautions before going on the ride. Even the company assures you with the common goods’ quality and safety, you must check It by yourself. Make sure the wheels are nicely buffed and the diesel or any other mineral consumption your van wants has it to the full value.