How much do movers cost? – 10 Ways to Trim Your Moving Costs

According to Worldwide ERC statistics, the professional household move costs over $12,000. It is an association that tracks mobility costs and hence the figures are well researched. The next time you Google search “how much do movers cost,” you should keep this in mind. However, the cost is only as a full-service professional move. Such a move entails a situation where the company will pack all your stuff and professionally handle the entire moving.

Whereas some people consider professional movers, many opt for self-orchestrated moves. It involves renting a box truck and doing the move. Such an act will cost as low as $20 per mileage. In case you have manpower that can load your stuff and offload on the other end, this is a nice option.

In case you consider hiring professionals, there is still a way of cutting down the moving expenses. Such methods include packing, research, and tax breaks. You can also pack small belongings before the movers arrive. Moreover, you can consider moving in the fall since many people move in summer. Moving in summer is ideal since people want to move when kids are out of school. You can trim the expenses through the following ways:

Target the Right Time.

Most people move at the start or end of the month. Such periods are very busy, as people opt to start a new month in a new home. As a strategic mover, you can opt to make the move in the middle of the month. This will save you extra money.

Recycle Boxes.

There is no point of buying new packing boxes when you can recycle what you already have at your disposal. Moreover, you can also consider purchasing used boxes which are cheaply priced and pack small items up for yourself. Such an act will reduce the amount of time taken by the movers during the actual move. You will still be able to sell back the boxers and recoup the costs.

Cover Your Stuff.

When moving insurance is key! Anything can happen along the way. Items might break or get lost. You just never know.

Hiring professional movers assures you that your valuable items are insured when being transported. You get accident covers and breakages. In other moving companies, this might be offered as extra costs from the actual moving costs. Your research on how much do movers cost should incorporate the insurance costs.

Plan Before.

There is no point of waiting until the day of moving to plan things. You should start planning how you will move days before. You can find a moving checklist online and use it for organizing and planning the move.

Planning will include routines like ordering colored tapes and labels. It might include finding out which items will go to which rooms. The movers will help you get them in these rooms and at times arrange them for you. You can also snap pictures and draw them, just to give the movers a clear picture of the move.

Research the Mover.

Ensure that you are hiring a legitimate mover. Hiring brokers or shrewd movers might just make the experience costly and daunting. The company should be licensed and with the proper documentation for conducting moving businesses.

A legitimate mover will come equipped with resources and insurance to complete the move. These days, it is very easy to put your name on the sides of a truck and call yourself a mover. As a serious person who is moving houses, research past reviews about the company that you intend to outsource the moving services from.

Snag a Tax Break.

In case you are moving because of a job change, you may benefit from few tax deductions for certain moving expenses. Such expenses include storage and transportation costs for household goods. Moreover, the cost incurred for lodging and travel might qualify for the deductions. You should check whether you qualify for such deductions.

Compare Various Movers.

The reason as to why you need to plan the moving a few weeks before the actual day is to help you compare a few professional moving companies. They can be three or four. This will help you make an estimate of what you will need to pay each mover and thereby find the most cost-efficient option.

Do It Yourself.

Instead of searching how much do movers cost, you should consider doing it yourself. If you are brave enough to drive a box truck in the heavy traffic, then this is a perfect option for you. All you need is to outsource the services of a few people who will also help you with the offloading.

Box tracks come in different sizes and weights. If you are moving an average home, you just need an average truck for the exercise. You can always avoid rush-hour traffic by driving it during the day. The move will cut the movers cost, fuel costs, time, and general expenditure.

Avoid Moving TRASH.

What is the point of moving things that you don’t use? If it is clothes, drop them in the donation boxes. If it is appliances, sell them in the second-hand market. Other things should go to the disposal boxes. Only move your valuables and the things you use regularly.

Get Help from Family Members.

If you are a large family, you don’t need to pay people for the packing, loading, offloading, and unpacking exercises. This can be perfectly done by your family. All you need is to notify them in advance. Each member of the family can take the responsibility of packing their own belongings.

If you are moving alone, you can outsource some help from friends and workmates, they will be very happy to help you get the whole exercise done effectively. You can consider distant relatives if you don’t have dependable friends or workmates.

Affordable moving is a product of proper planning and organization. Conduct your research in advance. Get the packing boxes in advance. Ensure that you are flexible to move in the mid-month or during the less “busy” seasons. Do it yourself! These are some of the sounds ways of trimming down your moving expenses.