What to Avoid When Hiring Interstate Moving Companies

What to Avoid When Hiring Interstate Moving Companies

There are do’s and don’ts of hiring interstate moving companies when relocating and moving from one state to another. Whereas some of them might seem obvious, it is easy to forget them while in the moving process. Hence, it is always advisable to pick a pen and a paper and write them down.

For example, something as simple checking off items in your list when they are being packed and unpacked can be about a lot of difference in the moving process. The following are some of the things you should avoid when moving from one state of the country to another:

Avoid Hiring Companies That Take Cash Only

You should ask the mode of payment upfront before you commit yourself to a specific company. Whereas this might not seem like a huge problem, companies that take cash only might take your stuff and “fail” to return them. Since your things will be out of sight for quite some time, you want to ensure that you are dealing with a legit company. Such companies have better payment methods like credit/debit cards and bank payments.

Avoid Signing Things That You Don’t Understand

Well, you might be tempted to put your signature at the bottom of every page in the moving agreement before reading. Long distance moving is very tricky. Unlike moving from a given town to another in the same state, long-distance moving takes over a day or even a week. It is wise to ask questions and read everything thoroughly before committing your signature on the agreement documents. Such a way ensures that you are avoiding extra/hidden charges and doubt.

Avoid Assumptions

You might just assume that the company provides insurance plans. Well, not all interstate movies companies offer insurance places. Some offer such plans but will not cater for all the things that you are moving. Hence, it is ideal to ask whether the insurance is enough. In case it is not enough, you might consider purchasing standard coverage to cover everything that you are moving. This act will ensure that your stuff is fully protected.

Check Whether the Mover Is a Broker.

You should also refrain from making the assumption that the mover is not a broker. Sometimes, you might hire a broker rather than a moving company. Investigate the company moving your things. They should tell you whether they are hiring another company to complete the move or they will do it themselves.

Avoid Paying Before All Your Belongings Have Unloaded

Don’t sign the final paperwork if you suspect some of the items or boxes are missing. You should ensure that the “move” is complete before you complete the paperwork and payments. It is hard to go back to the company with complains once you have signed that you have received everything.

Hence, ensure that nothing is missing up front. You should count the boxes and check that they are in the state in which they were when you packed them. You should conduct a home inventory when packing and unpacking (unloading). It is your only chance to file a complaint and ensure that all the things have arrived.

Avoid Delays When Filing Claims

You need a quick unpacking plan after the move is complete. That way, you will manage to identify anything that is missing. You should start with the most valuable items and progress to the leas valuable. It is also a nice way of ensuring that nothing has broken. It is easy to get fragile stuff like TVs and appliances broken in a non-effective moving.

If the items broke while in the hands of the movers, you can always file for claims since they were insured. The longer you wait before filing such claims, the less likely they will be accepted. Or who will believe you 10 days after you had signed the final paperwork during a move? It is always advisable to conduct a thorough research before you commit yourself to a specific company.

Avoid Leaving High-Value Items with The Movers

In this case, I refer to important items like accounting records, passport, jewelry, school records, and other critical things. Interstate moving companies are known to take days when moving your stuff and it is a risky exercise to put your valuable stuff out there for such a long time period.

The list of the items that you should avoid packing is very long. It includes valuable items, flammable items, and other critical stuff. Such items not only ensure that your things are moving safely but also gives you a peace of mind.

Always Manager Your Inventory List

Some people are tempted to trust the mover with their inventory list. You should highly avoid this practice. You should always appoint someone at your old home when the movers pick up your stuff. Then, be at the new home to receive the things when they are delivered. As such, everything that goes into and out of the truck will be properly taken care of. If anything happened along the way, you can perfectly deduce what was lost or changed.

Always Look for Previous Customer Reviews

A reputable moving company will have positive customer reviews and references. Negative reviews say a lot about the company. They might talk you into considering them, but you may end up regretting why you considered them. Look for their websites, social media accounts, customer testimonials, references, and other such details. A company with a strong customer service history will advertise itself out there.

Ensure the Moving Company is Registered

Upon request, you should get the Department of Transportation (DOT) number of the moving company. All interstate moving companies are required by the law to have this number. It proves that they are legally licensed to move you. It is also advisable to ensure that the company has been registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

When moving across state borders, attention to specific details is key! It is easy to let the seaming small stuff slip along the way. Packing, recording, finding new schools, and changing your vehicle registration are some of the things that you should consider. This ensures that the move is as effective as possible.

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