Furniture Movers

Furniture Movers

Choosing the best furniture movers can be hard, especially if you do not know what you’re doing. There are plenty of different companies out there, and everyone will have different prices. Today we are going to look at how to choose the best furniture movers, so you can get a good deal on moving your furniture to your new location. We will look at prices, different levels of service, and more.

What are furniture movers?furniture movers

Furniture movers are companies that specialize in very small loads. Whereas with other moving companies typically deal with multiple bedrooms of furniture and boxes. Furniture movers will specialize in moving a few small pieces, and will only price you based on what you are actually bringing with you. This is important, because you only want to pay for the space and weight that you actually use on the moving truck

How Much do Furniture Movers Cost?

Depending on which furniture movers you end up choosing, there is a pretty big price fluctuation between companies. Some of the factors that will influence your price include:

  1. how far you are going
  2. how much furniture you are bringing
  3. what company you choose

on the low end, expect to pay around $900 for long-distance moves. If you’re going locally, expect that number to be around half. For larger loads, you can reasonably expect to spend around $1500.

Protecting your furniture

It is important to protect your furniture before allowing it to be moved. A good moving company will give a complimentary blanket wrap and pad wrap service on site. Also, another thing to consider is what type of items you are moving. For example, if you’re bringing glass furniture, or other furniture with glass, you want to make sure that furniture is well protected. An easy way to do this is to bubble-wrap the items before the movers show up. Even if you hire a good company, you still want to do your due diligence in protecting your own furniture. Pay attention to corners, edges, and fragile pieces.

The best companies to move your furnitureGet Quotes

Stay away from big companies like Mayflower, Allied, and Atlas. These companies are going to charge you based off of a minimum move size, which is typically between 2000lbs and 3500lbs. Chances are if you are looking for a furniture moving company, you don’t have nearly that much weight. Instead, look at hiring a local company which will give you a good rate. You can use the free resource provided by, by clicking HERE.

Cubic footage

One of the biggest scams in the moving industry are movers you will try to price you based off cubic footage. You always want to make sure that you are getting a price per pound. Or, if the moving company allows it, try to get a flat rate from them. The Department of Transportation and the FMCSA, both recommend that consumer stay away from cubic footage pricing. The reason being is that your price is based off the cubic footage using the truck, not the cubic footage of your furniture. Less reputable movers will purposely pack your items loosely into the truck, and try to charge more money on delivery. Some will even try to hold your items hostage until you pay the remaining balance.

Other things to remember when hiring movers

Remember to trust your gut, and try to build a relationship with whomever you are speaking. Because there are a lots of bad eggs out there, make sure you do your research, and check reviews. Although there are a lot of bad moving companies, there are a lot of good ones too. Furthermore, the likelihood of you being scammed is low as long as you do your homework. We always suggest using this free resource to get a few different quotes from reputable moving companies, and comparing those quotes.

Using the database

Once you have gathered a few quotes, you can do your research right here. We offer a free search engine allows you to check licensing, insurance, and reviews. You can simply type in the DOT number or company name above in the search bar to get started.

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