Finding moving trucks for sale – what to look for?

In today’s economy, buying a brand new truck is too costly and buying a used one from an unknown source can be a chancy thing. Fortunately, there are many companies in United States who offers maintained box trucks or vans. When you are in the business of transporting valuable personal property and furniture having the right equipment is essential. If you move a lot or just have a lot of stuff to move all the time, it makes sense to own your own truck. Unsure what size moving truck or van body you will need? Below are some standard body sizes and specifications that will help you get started:

  • Moving trucks come in a variety of body lengths, the most common being 16’, 20’, 24’, 26’ and 28’. They come along with variety of body types from manufactures like Morgan, Kentucky Trailer, and more.
  • The average moving truck is classified as medium-duty, meaning they can carry a load capacity between 14,000 lbs and 26,00 lbs.

Buying New vs. Used Moving Trucks

When it comes to buying a new moving truck versus finding a quality used moving truck, there are a few factors to consider that will help you decide. One of the benefits of buying a used moving truck from a company is that you aren’t just buying the truck, you are buying a peace of mind. Many good companies like AmeriQuest has quality used moving trucks that has been extensively checked to ensure they meet up to their stringent resale requirements. When purchasing your moving truck, you would want to be rest assured knowing that it won’t break down or start exhibiting mechanical issues. For that, you have to find a trusted and quality moving truck provider.

It all comes and should come to quality when you step out to buy a moving truck. Don’t choose a used moving truck over new just because of price. Quality matters most. Never settle for less than the best. Take your time, collect some money, and then find the best moving truck either a new or used. But never compromise on condition or quality of a truck. Cause this ain’t a thing you buy every month from mart. This a big decision especially if you’re going to use it for business purpose. You can’t use a truck with mechanical issues for business purpose. Clients can cancel the rent easily legally according to contract f anything goes wrong with the time and quality of your service.

Perks of personal moving truck

Some people buy moving cargo vans while some buy trucks. Whether for personal or business use, moving trucks are preferred over moving cargo vans for obvious reasons. First of all everybody gotta believe that it all comes to money when you decide to buy an expensive thing like moving truck. There’s not a big difference in money when it comes to comparison of moving van and moving trucks. But when you take a look at perks of moving trucks, you get a cheer on your face.

Moving trucks have very large capacity and can lift a load up to 26,00 lbs. Among with major capacity advantage, modern moving trucks comes with many other benefits like air conditioning, auto transmission and less fuel consumption.

Different types of moving trucks

There are several different types of moving truck bodies t choose from. The type of body you choose will depend on the truck’s intended use. Here are several different types of moving truck bodies for you to consider:

Refrigerated trucks – also called reefer trucks.

These trucks are for cargo that must be kept cold. If you are looking for a moving truck with refrigeration capabilities, be aware that you will end up paying more up front and in total operating costs. But if you need it then choose wisely.

Flatbed moving trucks.

They are popular and best for carrying larger items and can come with dump beds, fixed beds, and plenty of space for loading and unloading with the help of a crane or similar machinery.

Lift gate moving truck.

A rental truck with a lift gate is the perfect option for lifting heavy items up to the bed of the truck. The steel lift gate lowers to the ground with an electric hydraulic system. With a push of a button, the lift gate rises up to the back of the truck or lowers to the ground for ease of loading and unloading your items.

Utility trucks.

These are great for mobile maintenance and independent tradesmen. Most utility moving trucks come lined with bins, racks, and other places to store equipment and hang tools.

Get Recommendations

Ask friends, co-workers, and local real estate agents. Look in the phone book for moving companies that have offices near your home. You’re going to want to get an in-person estimate of how much a good moving truck will cost. They will ask you about your preferred choice of moving truck so you must have decided which type of moving truck you need. Only those people who have bought moving trucks or vans in the past will give you honest reviews.

Precautions and written consent

After selecting favorite moving truck, next thing you have to think about is it’s payment. Make sure you give payment securely through verified sources or ACH direct deposit. Large amount of cash must not be handed over through hands cause fraudulent companies can come up with false report that you didn’t make the payment. Worst is that they can make a case on you for money laundering. After all the payment solution is handled, you must get a signed report and consent verifying the successful payment you made through legal sources. Final thing you must consider before taking the keys in your hand is checking the moving truck’s complete maintenance report done not less than 3 months before you buy it.