Cutting Your Moving Costs with a Box Truck Rental

You can reduce your moving costs by considering box truck rental. Moving costs can easily run to the thousand-dollar range. Hiring professional movers makes a lot of sense. With a box truck, you can move all your stuff including appliances and furniture in a single, thorough move. Since they are professionals, your things will be handled with care to avoid breakage more so for fragile, valuable stuff like TVs.

When moving with a box truck, there are critical aspects that you should consider the make the process effective. They include:

Good Organization.

Remember, you will be moving to a new place. You may have spent an entire decade or three in your current place and therefore, you need proper organization. The best way is to Google search for “moving checklist.” There are hundreds of websites with awesome checklists that you can use to organize your moving.

Such checklists will provide you with things that you should consider doing before moving, during the move, and after the move. They will include packing and unpacking strategies for the best moving experience.

Since you are moving with a truck, the first thing you want to check off your checklist is the clutter. There is no point of paying for space for the things that you don’t use. They include clothes, appliances, and any general stuff that you don’t use in your house. You want to put only the necessities and valuables in the truck. This act will not only reduce the moving cost but also give you a piece of mind.

In the case of cloths, you can donate them. There are many areas in all the states for cloth donations. For the appliances that you don’t use, you can sell them in the second-hand market. The few bucks that you make out of the sales can help you cater for the moving. All the rest should go to the waste disposal sites.

Moreover, you should start sourcing for packing boxes. There are stores that sell all manner of cardboard boxes that are intended for movers. You will also need a good amount of tissue and old newspapers. If you are coming in some of the few generous states, you can get them for free or cheaply from the supermarkets.

Book the Moving Truck.

After organizing your stuff, the next step is to book the truck. There are many box truck rental options. You can do it online or offline. The processes of hiring the truck are almost the same as that of hiring a car. However, the companies are different since movers are licensed for that specific task – moving your things!

Movers also have a different form of documentation and insurance. You should ensure that you are comfortable in driving this form of vehicle or consider hiring a trucker. In case you consider driving yourself, you should read the documentation keenly and thoroughly before signing. Ensure that all the terms are conditions are clear. Furthermore, make sure that the insurance illustrates clearly what has been covered.

It is also worth considering when you will make the payments. It should be done either by bank or card. It is always advisable to avoid cash payments. Serious companies will only take bank or card payments. Payments vary with seasons. In summer, moving companies charge a bit more expensively than in other seasons. You should always make the bookings in advance.

The Moving Day.

You have now made your box truck rental; the next step is to load in your stuff and perform the actual moving. It is always ideal to dedicate a full day to do the move. You should confirm whether the truck pickup time fits into your schedule. If you are moving across states, you should dedicate a few days for the move.

Ideally, it is best to collect the truck the evening before your moving day. Such a move ensures that you are able to load your stuff the night before and start the moving process early in the morning. You will then unload your stuff and take back the truck within the day. It doesn’t get any simpler.

Why Box Truck Rental?

There are a hundred reasons as to why you should consider a box truck rental over other methods of moving. It comes with an array of benefits and very few demerits. Here are a few reasons:

Affordable and Efficient.

Imagine a situation where you are trying to move with your Chevy Truck? Putting up all your needs, stuff, and everything inside its small pickup space is just difficult. You might be forced to transport your stuff a few times to complete the move. The weight that the truck can carry is also an issue to consider.

Hiring a box truck covers such drawbacks. You will load all your stuff safely and securely. You can pack the fragile things like appliances and TVs in boxes and place them in one end and then pack your couches in the other end. You will also save time, money, and gasoline.

Ability to Tag Along Offloaders.

Imagine carrying loaders in your small pickup truck? Remember, there will be heavy stuff like sofa seats and fridge. You will need loaders and offloaders. A box truck gives you enough space to carry the offloaders who will help you complete the move.

Enough Packing Space.

The box truck gives you a whole load of space for packing your stuff. You can safely pack your boxes and securely load them on the truck. Some rentals will provide you with these boxers.

Well, you should consider hiring a box truck and move your house safely and effectively. You will personally drive the truck, something that guarantees you nothing is lost along the way.

In case you aren’t confident in driving such a big truck, you can consider hiring a driver. Such a driver will only do the driving task on the heavy, road traffics. Hiring a box truck is not only affordable but also effective. You will save time, money, and gasoline.